Shotgun Sports Commercial

Professional Angler and Fishing Guide Lee Pitts talks why he trusts Shotgun Sports for all his outdoor needs.

Shotgun Sports TNT - crankbaits

Shotgun Sports Fishing Pro Rusty Burroughs talks about Spring Crankbait fishing.


This week Rusty talks fishing line. Great information for those new to fishing or a refresher on kinds, uses, and Rusty's personal favorite kind of fishing line. Check it out!

shotgun sports tnt - fishing reels

On episode 3 Rusty and Arlie talk about fishing reels. How they work, the best reel for certain types of fishing and more.

Shotgun Sports TNT - fishing rods

On episode 4 Rusty talks about fishing rods. Types, uses, and overall the best rods on the market.

Shotgun SPORTs TNT - fishing jigs

On episode 5 Rusty talks about fishing with jigs. Types, uses, and new Shotgun Sports Jig made right in the store.

Shotgun Sports Rapid Fire - riggin' tubes

The first in a new series. Quick "how to videos" that will teach you something about hunting, fishing, & guns.